Stamping Press Machine (with Bosch Termo-technology)

The use case explores an already existing press machine, connected to Nexeed MES, which was additionally retrofitted with advanced sensors providing critical digital information for machine health monitoring (condition monitoring). The installed sensors cover a big range of physical and environmental data, such as vibration sensors in critical moving parts, as press motors, temperature, and oil sensors for hydraulic systems, additional to production status of the overall equipment. The target is to collect all relevant machine condition data in order not only to provide number of production cycles, relevant for the preventive maintenance plans, but also to detect possible malfunction patterns and even to predict possible future malfunctions. This ability to predict possible situations that would lead to machine breakdown and equipment stoppage is key to reduce maintenance costs while improving machine availability and productivity contributing to overall plant efficiency.

Safety Critical Communications: Train Detection (with EFACEC)

This use case demonstrates the use of 5G communications in railway safety critical communications, between the Level Crossing train detector activation points and a Level Crossing LX controller. The traditional copper wire cables are replaced by wireless 5G communications technology and safety communications protocols will be developed to comply with railway signaling safety communications standards EN50159-2 class 77. The use case installed a complete half barrier level crossing control system in a railroad crossing in the Aveiro harbor premises. The system includes a LX controller cabinet equipped with SIL4 safety PLC, an axle counter train detection system, EMC protection devices, an uninterruptible power supply and a 5G CPE. Each approaching train detector uses a 5G CPE to communicate with the level crossing controller. Two half barrier drives, controlled by the LX controller, will protect the entry of cars in the rail crossing during the train approaching and passing. All the communications will be supported by safety-critical protocols (Safe Ethernet and RASTA).

Non-Safety Critical Communications: Video Surveillance (with EFACEC)

This use case considers HD video image transmission over 5G wireless technology from LX surveillance camera to the approaching trains’ on-board tablets and/or maintenance agents’ handheld tablets. This will boost safe level crossing, since the train operator will have the possibility to view the area at the approaching level crossing, thus preventing accidents caused by cars trapped between the level crossing gates. Additionally, the use case considers Level crossing LX controller status and alarm events transmission to maintenance agents’ tablets via 5G wireless communications.

Energy Management System

In moving towards carbon neutrality, there is a need to improve energy management via advice to the users with data monitoring, correlations and rules. Commercial products for energy management monitoring or facilities management that triggers alerts are common for big industries. The normal integration of these products requires the installation and deployment of new equipment in electrical distribution systems with huge investments and is limited to proprietary vertical platforms, without any intelligent configurable management system. This use case explores open-source data gathering through 5G connectivity and includes the development of an Intelligent Assistant for Energy Management, an Engine able to create, run, train and deploy the Assistants and the agnostic interactive platforms.